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Nights In Darkness Arose

As The Shining Sun Danced Away The Day

Vampire Mice
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.Vampire Mice.
This is the graphics journal of jaydenrioblue.
Icons and banners. Very infrequently updated.

Can be found here.

Comment, credit and don't hotlink.
Please do not alter the images. Textless icons are not bases.

I am currently not filling requests, sorry.

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+ beana_graphics
+ cheapgloss
+ magicfly_icons
+ sitdownxshutup
+ cause_time

I do not own the people, objects, lyrics, etc featured in the graphics I make, nor did I take the photographs, unless stated.

layout by _excentric_
header by lostdisaster, editted by me (jaydenrioblue).
header image taken by andourfingers
user-info banner by me (jaydenrioblue)